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Services/General Towing

Get there fast. Get the job done.

That's what customers want and that's what we promise. You can count on safe, reliable, expert service. Whatever your situation, we're going to take good care of you. 

Light Duty Towing

“Hello. This is an emergency!” When the call comes in, we're ready to help. We provide service for breakdowns, accidents, and all types of roadside rescue and assistance. From a simple jump start or lock out to “How did my car get up there?” – Service Towing, Inc. will send people who are capable, reliable, and friendly to get you out of trouble and get you on your way.

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Big jobs require lots of experience and after nearly forty years in business, we're prepared for just about anything. We serve private customers in the construction industry, storage companies, rental equipment companies and others as well as public agencies like law enforcement, fire departments, government contractors, and more. Come to us for extension boom service, trailer lifts, steel coil lifts, load shifts, stuck jobs, off-loads, and recovery of split or broken trailers. Take a look at our fleet of vehicles.